Your Ultimate Guide: The 17 Best Coworking Spaces in Zurich

Your Ultimate Guide: The 17 Best Coworking Spaces in Zurich

Looking for an inspiring coworking space or business center in Zurich? There are nearly 30 flexible workspaces in and around the largest city of Switzerland. Check out this comprehensive guide for coworking spaces and business centers in Zurich!

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April 12, 2021
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1. AJMS Büro und Coworking

AJMS is a coworking space located in Pfäffikon. Nearby you can find restaurants, bars as well as a fitness center, if you ever need a short break from work. At AJMS you can choose between different places to either work in a focusing, quiet area or to network with others in their lounge area. AJMS features flexible desks, private offices, meeting rooms, phone booths and a lounge area.

2. Citizen Space

Citizen Space is known as the first coworking space in Zurich (opened 2007), and located in the district 5. The coworking space offers a space to get focused on work in an inspiring, but still quiet atmosphere. The workspace comes with an industrial flair, and a lot of charming elements - design meets retro. Citizen Space Zurich offers you flexible desks and meeting rooms.

Citizen Space Zurich

3. Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz

This coworking space is located in the city of Zurich, on the left side of the lake (Enge). Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz is a very stylish coworking space where people with all kinds of backgrounds work in an inspiring atmosphere - from freelancers, over startups to business travelers. It is probably the most modern coworking space in terms of technical infrastructure. Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz features flexibles desks, meeting rooms and private offices.

Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz

4. Coworking Seefeld

Coworking Seefeld is a unique coworking space in the middle of Zurich, located on the right side of the Lake (Seefeld). Coworkers from every sector can connect enjoying a delicious barista coffee - probably one of the best you can get in a coworking space. The interior features custom design furniture out of oak wood and raw steel on parquet, making it the perfect working atmosphere while still feeling cozy. Coworking Seefeld features flexible desks and meeting rooms.

Coworking Seefeld

5. Coworking Space Tadah

Coworking Space Tadah is located in Zurich’s trending district 3 (Wiedikon). What’s special about Coworking Space Tadah? It’s a coworking space offering optional childcare. It offers you the perfect conditions to focus in an inspiring work environment, with a modern and stylish interior design. Coworking Space Tadah features flexible desks and meeting rooms.

Coworking Space Tadah
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6. Coworking Stettbach

Located at the Zurich-Stettbach station close to the Zurich Airport, Coworking Stettbach is easily reachable within minutes from the airport. While drinking one of the best coffees in Zurich (prepared by the in-house baristi), innovative startup entrepreneurs and corporates can discuss their news business ideas. Want to do some sports in the break? No problem, just go to the in-house fitness center and push your brain to peak performance during a workout. Coworking Stettbach features flexible desks, meeting rooms and phone booths.

Coworking Stettbach

7. Creative Space Zurich

Located in the North of Zurich, Creative Space is not far from the airport. It is a new coworking space for startups and freelancers as well as for corporates. Creative Space Zurich provides an inspiring work atmosphere and features flexible desks, private offices, meeting & event rooms as well as a lounge area.

Creative Space Zurich

8. Impact Hub Zurich

Located nearby the Zurich main station, at the river Sihl in Zurich Selnau and in two of the beautiful Viaduktbögen close to the Hardbrücke, you are always close to one of the three Impact Hub workspaces in Zurich! Offering highlights like an outdoor working area, event halls for up to 180 people with inspiring surroundings - you should definitely check them out. They feature flexible desks, meeting rooms and beautiful lounge areas.

9. Office LAB

Office LAB is a leading provider of coworking spaces in Switzerland, with two locations in Zurich: Altstetten and Wollishofen. They offer many highlights ready to being discovered by you: Whether you want to read a book in the library, drink a coffee in the spacious community space or enjoy your break with a beautiful view on the lake Zurich, you can do it in one of the two Office LABs in Zurich. The workspaces feature team offices, flexible desks and many meeting & project rooms.

10. Raum11

Raum11 is located only 500 m from the Zurich-Oerlikon train station. Looking for a spot where you can work in a nice atmosphere and a beautiful surrounding? Raum11 offers a unique proposition for entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the Zurich area. It features flexible desks, meeting rooms and, if you need to make an important phone call, soundproof phone booths as well as lounge areas.

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11. Satellite Office

Satellite Office is a leading workspace provider in Europe. The Haus Gryffenberg is their first office in Switzerland and located in the historical Gryffenberg House in the very heart of Zurich - one of the most exclusive locations in the world! One of many highlights is the sensational view over lake Zurich as well as the rooftop terrace with panoramic view. Having countless restaurants, bars, magazines within walking distance, you can easily make a break and enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the Haus Gryffenberg. But also working is a pleasure: Haus Gryffenberg offers a perfect mixture of working in silent, focusing areas and meeting new people in the open space area.

Satellite Office - Haus Gryffenberg


SPACES is a leading global provider of inspiring coworking spaces, and features four workspaces in Zurich! Want to take your business to the next level and sip post-work drinks on a rooftop terrace while watching sunsets? Then you should definitely check out their beautiful workspaces in Zurich - spread across the city: North of Zurich in Opfikon, in the city center at Bleicherweg, on the right side of the lake in Seefeld and at The Circle at Zurich airport (from March 2021). The SPACES workspaces feature flexible desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, private offices, breakout areas as well as coffee and sandwich bars.

13. Trust Square

Trust Square is located directly at prestigious Paradeplatz, in the heart of Switzerland's commercial center. It is a hub for trust-building technologies and known for the strong blockchain network. Trust Square connects entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, businesses, investors and academics, and enables them to pursue their visions in an open, versatile and diverse environment. Trust Square features flexible desks, phone booths, meeting rooms and private offices.

Trust Square

14. WeSpace

WeSpace is located right at the center of Zurich, directly at the Bahnhofstrasse in the iconic Franz Carl Weber building. What’s special about WeSpace? It’s a coworking space inspired by women professionals, where everyone is allowed to participate. Its goal is to nurture leadership, collaboration and innovation. WeSpace features modern and airy interior for you to find inspiration and creativity. The coworking space offers flexible desks, meeting rooms and lounge areas - including a charming balcony - to enjoy your break with a coffee.


15. Westhive

Westhive prides itself of having four workspaces in Zurich. Their locations can be found (almost) everywhere in Zurich: in Zurich-Wollishofen close to the beautiful lake Zurich, in the pulsating industry quartier Zurich-West, in the historic Hürlimann-Areal and in downtown Zurich at Bleicherweg. Highlights are definitely the inspiring interior designs in all their locations and the rooftop terrace at the Zurich-West location (Hardturm) - all locations are definitely a place to enjoy working! Westhive features flexible desks, team offices as well as meeting rooms.

16. Wide Bakery

The Wide Bakery is a charming workspace loft near Hardplatz in Zurich. It is a former industrial bakery and has kept this individual character. It features a unique coworking groove, and offers lots of different options for your work, whether you need a quiet location or want to discuss topics with your colleagues. The Wide Bakery features flexible desks, meeting rooms, phone booths and a lounge area.

Wide Bakery

17. Wunderraum

Located in Pfäffikon, Wunderraum is a premium coworking space with great design and a warm atmosphere. With its multizone concept, you can decide whether you want to work in a silent work area where confidentiality and focus work is possible or in open space areas. Highlights of the Wunderraum are the WunderBar as well as the terrace where you can perfectly enjoy your break. It features flexible desks, meeting rooms private offices and phone booths.


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