FoW Talk #1: What Can We Learn From Remote Companies?

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COVID-19 has changed our perspective on work: work is not a place anymore, it is an activity. Homeoffice, in the past often only grudgingly accepted, has become the 'new normal'. It is hard to imagine a future in which knowledge-workers spend 5 days per week at the same desk. What will the future look like then?

Cédric Waldburger and Sara Krumminga have been living in the future already before the pandemic. They are managing their companies independently of their physical location. How is this possible? What are their levers of success? Is their model applicable to 'normal' companies too?

In this first edition of our Future of Work talks, Cédric highlights all the advantages of remote-only companies. Sara elaborates on the question “How to build a company culture as a remote company?”.

Check out the Youtube video for an inspiring session as well as insights on the future of work.



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