Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Bern

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Bern

Are you wondering where to find the hottest hot desks in Switzerland’s capital? We got you covered! In this article we will give you some great ideas on how to upgrade your next business trip to Bern. Or simply ditch your home office.

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March 23, 2021
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1. Der Hauptsitz

A place like a “day care center for adults”, as ‘Der Hauptsitz’ says themselves. You are in for free home-roasted coffee, game boys for playing Tetris or Super Mario, homely sofas and a cosy atmosphere.

'Der Hauptsitz' is more than just a coworking space - it is nested in the PROGR Foundation - a center for cultural practice - in the middle of the city. Just the right space to get creative!

This workspace features flexible desks with living room coziness as well as a kitchen.

Coworking Space at ‘DerHauptsitz’ - ©

2. Effinger - Kaffeebar & Coworking Space

A stone-throw away from Bern’s main station, Effinger offers entrepreneurs, creatives and start-ups a space to realize their ideas since 2016. Multiple common areas, a conference and meeting room as well as a dedicated silent area on the first floor are waiting for you. 

In need of a caffeine-shot, breakfast, apéro or afterwork beer? The self-service coffee bar fulfills all wishes! And what could be a better way to take a break than enjoying a delicious treat on Effinger’s outside seating area

Effinger offers everything from flexible to dedicated desks, meeting rooms and private offices as well as a kitchen.

Meeting room at Effinger - ©

3. Flexible Office Bern Murifeld

Located in the South-East of the city, the Flexible Office Bern Murifeld is surrounded by lush nature. With its broad selection of rooms, it caters for the needs of individuals, small teams and 30+ person companies. And who caters for your caffein-need? Barista coffee of course! 

Flexible Office has big plans: from April 2021 4500m2 of additional flexible office space will host start-ups and corporate companies under one roof. From a focus zone to workshop areas, video corners and a relaxing lounge - you will find a perfect spot for any type of work.

Currently, you will find furnished or unfurnished private offices, meeting rooms as well as flexible desks there.


4. Gotham Bern - coming soon 

At the time of writing, Gotham Bern, directly accessible from Bern Wabern train station, has not yet opened its doors. Once open, we are told that you will be able to enjoy one of the most spectacular views across the city of Bern from there.

Aiming to become the coolest coworking space in Switzerland, Gotham will feature exceptional amenities such as a restaurant and fitness space. We will keep our eyes open for news! 

On 6000m2 decorated in a “forest theme” various open workplaces with flexible desks, as well as meeting rooms and private offices will await you.


5. Impact Hub Bern 

Impact Hub Bern ist one of five Swiss Impact Hubs, who are part of a global network of 100+ spaces where innovative and creative folks meet. It combines the best of many worlds: coworking space, business incubator and ideas lab!

Dive into the dynamic Bernese entrepreneurial community and get to know other entrepreneurs, creatives and even representatives of the public sector right at Bern main station. Last but not least: don’t forget to check out the various Impact Hub events, be they around circularity, marketing, entrepreneurship and many other topics.

At Impact Hub Bern, you can either work from a flexible desk in an open space or rent one of their meeting rooms.

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6. Innovationsdorf Bern

The Innovationsdorf by the consulting company 7Generations connects creative minds in Bern across disciplines since 2009. In one of Switzerland’s biggest coworking spaces, collaboration is encouraged in open space offices as well as four workshop spaces.

t is a place that celebrates diversity and attracts the creative, courageous and traveling folks alike. Need some out-of-the-box thinking? This place in the Wylerquartier in Bern is your best shot.

Choose between a flexible or dedicated desk or from meeting rooms for 6 or even 50 people.


7. Sennlab

You might know coworking spaces who offer you free coffee. But how many do you know that offer you free beer? Now you know one, Sennlab.

But there are many more reasons to have work sessions in this centrally located coworking space: the spacious and quiet personal workspaces - perfect for focused working, the inspiring art exhibits, the bright and spacious rooms, the terrace, the phone booths for private calls and oh - did we mention the 24/7 access? Time to book your desk on the deskbird app!

Sennlab offers you flexible desks or a meeting room, while the kitchen is accessible for everyone.

Flexible desks at Sennlab

8. Welle7 Coworking Space

Thinking of inviting guests or coworkers to your next coworking experience? Welle7’s location is as convenient as it can get: located to the west of Bern’s main station, you will find it right in a shopping center on Schanzenstrasse.  Even if you come by yourself, you are likely to get social: the playful and open workspaces are ideal to inspire interesting conversations. 

Eventspaces, top-notch meeting rooms, diverse office spaces and state-of-the-art IT rooms for training and seminars - Welle7 is as versatile as a Swiss army knife!

While Welle 7 usually also offers flexible desks, the co-working space on Deck 5 has been replaced by enclosed meeting rooms for the time being.

Meeting Room at Welle7 - ©

9. Workcentral Bern

Located in Spitalgasse, 2 minutes from Bern’s railway station, Workcentral Bern offers coworking for teams and individuals alike. On two floors, the bright rooms on top of Bern’s rooftops and the wooden flooring are an inviting environment to let your ideas flourish.

Whether you need to withdraw for some quiet focus time or want to engage in conversations with fellow coworkers, here you can find a space for every need - even an event space. Workcentral boasts all amenities you would expect: from speedy internet to whiteboards to - of course coffee.

Choose between a dedicated desk or a meeting room to get productive!


10. zentroom

Whether you are in Bern for a business trip or live in the city: you will appreciate zentroom’s super convenient location right at Bern's train station! All amenities of the city are right at your fingertips.

Yet, you might not even want to leave the colorful, green and intelligently designed offices of zentroom. After all, beer and barista coffee are included and even meals are provided. Even if you can not stay long: with the deskbird app you can book your desk at zentroom for as little as 1 hour.

zentroom offers flexible desks, meeting rooms as well as private offices.

Flexible desks at zentroom

Now that you've discovered the top 10 amazing places to work in Bern, find and book your favorite on the deskbird app!

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