The 24 Best Coworking Spaces in Munich

The 24 Best Coworking Spaces in Munich

Do you need an alternative to homeoffice? Then check out this guide where we provide you with some information about the more than 40 flexible workspaces in Munich. The best thing: You can book most of these spaces fully flexible on the deskbird app - without membership.

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March 23, 2021
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1. Backyard Studios

Backyard Studios is a workspace right next to the Isar - perfect to free the head after hours of hard work! - and offers water from the built-in osmosis system. Their motto to work, unfold & cocreate can be implemented perfectly in the newly renovated workspace. In the neighborhood you find many restaurants, cafés and small shops. The Backyard Studios features flexible desks, meeting rooms and a kitchen.

2. BASE Co-Working

Located in the very heart of Munich, right next to the two Universities, BASE Co-Working offers a workspace that allows young and driven entrepreneurs to do what they love. On more than 500 sqm, BASE is the perfect home to entrepreneurs, freelancers and whole teams who want to strive to improve one percent every day and go the extra mile to shape the future. The workspace offers flexible desks, meeting rooms and phone booths and a (barista) coffee and tea flat is included.

3. Dachwerk

Located in a former motorcycle manufactory in the trendy Glockenbachviertel, the Dachwerk is an industrial-looking workspace with more than 300 sqm of open ceilings, old wooden beams and a black asphalt floor. During your well-deserved breaks, you can enjoy your coffee on the charming balcony, play ping pong or kicker. The Dachwerk features flexible desks, a large meeting  room and a fully-equipped kitchen.


4. Design Offices

Design Offices is a workspace provider with around 40 locations in Germany - 9 of those are in Munich! No matter where you are, there's always a Design Office nearby. The Design Offices in Munich offer a variety of specials, making your stay one of a kind: roof top terraces, a workspace in 126 meters with a unique view over Munich, or modern offices with an exceptional technical equipment. Design Offices feature flexible desks, meeting rooms and social areas.

Design Offices München Atlas
©Design Offices München Atlas

5. ecos office center München

ecos is a workspace provider with more than 20 locations in Germany. One of those is located at Landsberger Straße in Munich, with a good connection to public transport. Want to make a break from your work? No problem, then you can simply have something to drink in the Bistro or enjoy your coffee on the roof top terrace. ecos features flexible desks, meeting rooms, event rooms and social areas.

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6. Factory & Optimistic Elephant - MUCBOOK Clubhäuser

The in Munich famous MUCBOOK has two workspaces: The Factory and the Optimistic Elephant. Both are centrally located and offer flexible desks and workshop rooms. At the Optimistic Elephant you can have access to the multipurpose-room and use it for a yoga & mental health class, as a food hub or for the club culture. The Factory is located next to a spa and offers besides to the meeting rooms and flexible desks a cosy room, which you can only reach by climbing up a ladder.

Optimistic Elephant - ein MUCBOOK Clubhaus
Optimistic Elephant - ein MUCBOOK Clubhaus

7. SPACES Studio spaces in Munich is located at the Oberanger, right in the center of Munich's old town, from where you reach the main train station in only 10 minutes. A newly restored, modern seven-floor building awaits you here, complete with brand new kitchens, meeting rooms, a community area and much, much more - perfect for you to work creatively on new ideas. also features flexible desks. SPACES Munich Oberanger
© SPACES Munich Oberanger


Being located in the Leopoldstraße in Munich-Schwabing, MANA is a modern Workspace with the mission of bringing people together, who share a similar mindset. For the founder Micha, the most important thing is that everybody can work on their own business, but at the same time has the possibility of working together and finding sustainable solutions for ecological and ethical problems. Flexible desks can be currently booked on a monthly basis. MANA features also meeting rooms and a social area.


At MATES, located in the Georgenstraße, freelancers and companies from the design- and communication industry find everything they need to be perfectly prepared for the working environment of tomorrow - a carefully designed place to work and the promise: You are not only at a workspace, but amongst mates. MATES currently features fix desks and team offices.


10. Mindspace

With its more than 30 workspaces all over the world, Mindspace is one of the leading workspace providers featuring everything from open space desks to private offices. The three Mindspaces in Munich are located at the Stachus, the Vikutalienmarkt and the Salvatorplatz, offering many floors of places to provide to you phonebooths to make confidential calls, kitchens and social areas to network and meet new people or open spaces to do focused work - Mindspace is definitely worth a try!

Mindspace Viktualienmarkt
Mindspace Viktualienmarkt
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11. Nutrion

Nutrion is a high-end provider of workspaces in Munich with four locations: Laim, Hirschgarten, Schwabing and Odeonsplatz. Being located in exceptional surroundings and with a great connection to the main station and the airport, Nutrion provides the perfect work place for Joint Ventures, Start-ups and dynamical businesses. The workspaces feature flexible desks, private offices, meeting rooms and social areas.

12. Plug and Play Tech Center

Plug and Play is an international workspace provider with locations all over the world: from the Silicon Valley, over São Paolo and Tokyo to Munich. Here, programs like Brand & Retail, Insurtech and Health & Wellness are located. The workspace in the Balanstraße provides among others themed workshops and face-to-face interaction in order to enable a deep engagement between corporations and startups. Plug and Play features fixed desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms and a team kitchen.

Plug and Play Tech Center
©Plug and Play Tech Center


SALON F is a workspace and at the same time social club for women, located in the Leopoldstraße in the heart of Munich. On more than 260 sqm plus a roof top terrace, women can get creative and work on their innovative business ideas. The Salon F organizes many events: Sundowners, yoga-sessions or founder-workshops: There should be something for everybody. The workspace features flexible desks, meeting rooms and a social area.

14. Satellite Offices

Satellite Office is one of the leading workspace providers in Germany and has two locations in Munich: Right next to the main station is the "Alte Hopfenpost", a building with a massive brick facade and modern glass elements. It has an inner courtyard, where you can perfectly enjoy your break and it lies right next to a popular beer garden. The second Satellite Office is the "Ludwigpalais", right in the heart of Munich, with the English Garden next to it. In both workspaces you can choose between different places to work and bring your business ideas to the next level. The Satellite Offices feature both flexible desks, private offices, meeting rooms and social areas.

Satellite Office - Alte Hopfenpost
Satellite Office - Alte Hopfenpost

15. smartvillage

smartvillage is located next to the Theresienwiese, home of the famous Oktoberfest. One of many highlights is the stunning terrace where legendary barbecues take place as well as the smart café with its nice drinks, that also can be booked for events. The meeting rooms are equipped with the Weframe One, allowing interactive meetings both on-site and remote. Providing rooms with movable tables and chairs, you can build a meeting room like you need it, which at the same time provides you with new perspectives to create new ideas. smartvillage features flexible desks, meeting rooms and social areas.



THE BONI is a modern and stylish workspace located in the south of Munich. After being productive, you can spend your well-deserved lunch break in one of the many great restaurant nearby or drink a delicious coffee on the sunny terrace in the backyard. With its feel-good atmosphere, THE BONI is the perfect location for focused, creative work. It features flexible desks, meeting rooms and a social area.

17. The BYRO

The BRYO is a high-class workspace in the center of Munich. Want to enjoy your break? The barista will brew a top-quality coffee which you can then enjoy in the café or in the lobby. You can meet startups and large companies, freelancers and crowd workers as well as temporal project teams, the BRYO is for everybody! In the evenings and on the weekends The BRYO becomes an event area, hosting book presentations, fashion shows and wine tastings. The workspace features flexible desks, meeting rooms and social areas.

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You can find the workspace TIMESPACES in Schwabing, right next to the English Garden, where you can enjoy your after-work beer in one of the many beer gardens. At TIMESPACES you find the perfect work spot for creative hustlers: You can choose one of the many flexible desks for your focused work, make important phone calls in one of the telephone booths or meet new people while playing table tennis. Breaks can be enjoyed at the outdoor area, while drinking a delicious Dinzler coffee.

19. TwoStay

TwoStay is a workspace provider who takes restaurants and turns them into perfect, charming coworking spaces. Currently you can find three of those corporations in Munich: TwoStay x Lump is located right next to the opera, TwoStay x Holzkranich is in Schwabing and TwoStay x Pirlo is in Giesing. All these workspaces have one-of-a-kind characters and offer different specialties - definitely worth to be checked out!

Holzkranich x TwoStay
Holzkranich x TwoStay

20. Unicorn Workspaces

With almost 20 workspaces, Unicorn Workspaces is a leading workspace provider in Germany. Two of those are in Munich, located at the Viktualienmarkt and in the Kaufingerstrasse. Offering social areas for networking, phone booths for confidential calls and meeting rooms for inspiring discussions, you can surely find the perfect spot for doing your work. The Unicorn Workspaces provide flexible desks, which can be booked on a monthly basis.

Unicorn Workspaces - Kaufingerstrasse
©Unicorn Workspaces - Kaufingerstrasse

21. velvet space

Velvet space is a coworking and event location in the heart of Maxvorstadt right next to the university. This vibrant and urban location together with the personal, green and living room-like interior brings the perfect mix to provide an inspirational work atmosphere. The stylish yet comfortable workspace is an urban working oasis combining great centrality with a peaceful environment. Velvet space features flexible desks, meeting rooms and a social area with some barista quality coffee.

velvet space
velvet space

22. WERK1

The WERK1 is the place to be for digital Startups. While being a workspace with lots of space for creative minds, it is at the same time a platform for businesses, hosting different startup-programs. The workspace is located at the Ostbahnhof in Munich and was one of the first projects in the "Werksviertel-Mitte". It features not only a coworking space, but also offices, event & meeting rooms and the WERK1 Café, where you can get fresh sandwiches as well as the best coffee in town.

23. WeWork

WeWork is one of the leading providers in the world, with more than 800 locations, from which 20 are located in Germany. You can find WeWork at two locations in the very heart of Munich: in the Altstadt-Lehel and in the Maxvorstadt. The workspaces provide specialties like a wellness-room whenever you need a quiet relaxing room for yourself, one-of-a-kind social areas to network with other people and telephone booths to make important phone calls. All WeWork spaces feature flexible desks, meeting & event rooms as well as social areas.

WeWork Oskar-von-Miller-Ring
©WeWork Oskar-von-Miller-Ring

24. Work Republic

Work Republic is a workspace provider with locations all over Germany. In Munich, you can choose between 4 workspaces, all located near the Marienplatz. The workspaces all convince with stylish, modern meeting rooms, a beverages-flat (tea, water and beer) and with after-work events to further grow your network. Impressing with their central locations, you can visit cafés, restaurants and beer gardens and enjoy your well-deserved break. All the Work Republic workspaces feature flexible desks, meeting rooms, private offices, phone booths and social areas.

Work Republic - Viktualienmarkt
©Work Republic - Viktualienmarkt

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