deskbird Coworking Spaces: Nice to Meet You, MotionLab.Berlin!

deskbird Coworking Spaces: Nice to Meet You, MotionLab.Berlin!

From a bicycle to a coworking space: Learn what makes MotionLab.Berlin so special and why this workspace is definitely standing out!

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April 21, 2021
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One of the cofounders Christoph originally wanted to build a bicycle, but MotionLab.Berlin turned out to be something completely different: A hardtech innovation hub, which successfully supports hardtech startups from first idea to series production. Today, the space combines Berlin’s largest machinery for prototyping with coworking and community.

We asked the MotionLab.Berlin team a couple of questions:

1. What makes  MotionLab.Berlin so special?

That is definitely the endless hardtech possibilities that you can explore using the machines we have. Our workspace has 6 lab areas which include 3D printing, laser-cutting, electronics, textile, wood and metal. For all machines and labs, our MotionLab.Academy offers workshops and trainings to learn how to use them and become an expert, before needing one. As a member, all these lab areas are available to you for no additional cost which means you're free to explore any crazy ideas that you and your team come up with!

2. What kind of crowd do you attract?

MotionLab.Berlin is a melting pot for hardtech innovators and startups from different industries. We mainly attract early-stage startups that are in their prototyping phase. And these startups look for support in terms of needing space that is conducive to building their prototypes and a hardtech community that can help them validate their ideas. For startups in a later stage we offer different services like investor finder search, patent and grant application.

MotionLab.Berlin Meeting Room
MotionLab.Berlin meeting room

3. Please complete “MotionLab.Berlin is the perfect place to work for…"

...rapid prototyping, community building and establishing a successful company in the hardtech industry.

4. What is one thing that surprises people when they come to your space? 

The blue MotionLab.Berlin bus! It really stands out so our guests are always fascinated by it when they walk into our space. 

5. Where to best have lunch in / around your workspace?

Definitely the kitchen :-) There are a lot of restaurants around MotionLab.Berlin but the best place to have lunch is in our kitchen because that is where you get to interact with the community and learn about what they are building.

6. What else is fun to do around your workspace?

We have an outdoor gym that members can use at any time, a ping pong table for those who want to take a 5 min break from work, a football table and regular community events like summer BBQs or Brez'n & Beer which are perfect for networking within the community. The events are, of course, only possible during non-Corona times.

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