deskbird Coworking Spaces: Introducing Tadah

deskbird Coworking Spaces: Introducing Tadah

This article introduces you to the Tadah workspace, one of Zurich's best! You can find out what makes them so special, where to have the best lunch and who Tadah is perfect is probably not who you'd expect!

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April 19, 2021
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In this series, we are presenting you some of the coworking spaces available on the deskbird app. From the coolest locations to the hippest interiors, check out all the deskbird workspaces. In the second article, we are happy to introduce you to the Tadah Coworking Space, Switzerland's first workspace with child care and the beautiful mission to improve the compatibility between work and life.

We asked the Tadah team couple of questions:

1. What makes your workspaces special?

We are not only a coworking space. We also offer flexible child care. Therefore while you’re working upstairs, our brilliant and professional staff takes care of the little ones. Non-parents or parents coming without kids are of course just as welcome at our space.

Coworking Space Tadah

2. What kind of crowd do you attract?

From startups to established small businesses, from free-lancers to employees escaping their regular office or their home-office from time to time  – everyone is made to feel welcome at our space. Tadah's flexible and individual solutions match up with all our coworkers individual needs perfectly.

3. Please complete: Tadah is the perfect place to work for…

...people who appreciate a beautiful, high-quality and inspiring work environment and flexible coworking solutions (we also offer half-day passes). And of course people who love yummy snacks, a great coworker network and friendly staff who take care of their every need!

Tadah Coworking Space

4. What is one thing that surprises people when they come to your space?

Everyone who enters our space is in awe of the interior at Tadah. And we have to say, we are very proud of what we’ve created. We pay attention to every detail and therefore every plant, every plate, every book and cushion make their contribution to one harmonious and beautiful workspace. Knowing that our coworkers appreciate all these tiny details and love the effort we put into the space (and of course also into the whole concept) motivates us on a daily basis.

5. Where to best have lunch in / around your workspace(s)?

You’ve hit the jackpot! If you happen to be here on a day when our CEO Sarah is in her “I’m going to make lunch for everyone”-mood. Her cooking skills are beyond! Otherwise we offer a few very yummy food-delivery-options right at our space with local food startups such as Kaisin (divine poké bowls), Quartierkoch (various freshly cooked menus) and Suppen und Pedale (delicious soups). Additionally there’s always a food truck in front of our office building.

6. What else is fun to do around your workspace(s)?

If you need a break you’ll find enough fun stuff to do in our building. For example a gym to work out at, a vegan cake factory (try their vegan snickers bar OMG) aaand a super fancy gin brewery one floor down. The gin brewery should of course be something you plan to visit after working hours and not in between ;-)

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