Coworking Spaces in Basel: Our Top 16

Coworking Spaces in Basel: Our Top 16

Welcome to Basel: home to the pharmaceutical industry, lovely Rhine promenade and vibrant art scene! But there is more to Switzerland's third most populated city. A maybe lesser known attraction: a surprising amount of coworking spaces in all shapes and sizes!

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March 23, 2021
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Discover Basel's coworking spaces spread out all across the city: from near Basel SBB station to Badischer Bahnhof, from Kleinbasel to Dreispitz, from Aeschenplatz to Barfüsserplatz and beyond! Dive with us into an eclectic mix of elegant and cosy workplaces to find your favorite home-office alternatives!

1. bluespace Basel

Modern offices equipped with comfortable office chairs, lockable containers and high-speed internet await you at bluespace Basel. The coworking space speaks to entrepreneurs, start-ups, creatives and innovators alike, offering community feeling and an optional coaching offer.

Located in Basel’s old town Kleinbasel, it lies within walking distance to Basel SBB station and is surrounded by countless restaurants, bars and shops. A perfect place especially in summer, when you can combine your work experience with a quick dip into the Rhine or a stroll along the Rhine promenade. 

At bluespace you will find dedicated desks, a meeting room and private offices.


2. Dreispitz Coworking

At Dreispitz Coworking by jobfactory, 25 workplaces offer a temporary home to digital nomads, creatives and freelancers - 24/7. Spacious (height-adjustable) desks, cosy armchairs and free-flow coffee are a great base to get you into a focussed flow.

For a quick break, you can either use the break room or explore the up-and-coming Dreispitz Areal, South of the Basel SBB station: it provides ample (take-away) restaurants to re-energize you at any time of the day.

At Dreispitz Coworking you can work on flexible desks, in meeting rooms or private offices or rent a training room.

Coworking space - ©

3. Coworking Basel

A space for creativity, ideas and networking: Coworking Basel by startup academy offers rooms, big and small, furnished for lying or standing (aka sofas or standing desks bistro tables from vitra) as well a fully-equipped kitchen and a spacious roof-top terrace.

Super-centrally located right at Aeschenplatz, Coworking Basel is a magnet for professionals, who need a change from the (home-)office. Get ready to connect with others and share ideas during a work session or one of Coworking Basel’s various events.

At Coworking Basel you will find flexible desks as well as meeting rooms.

Rooftop terrace - ©

4. Coworking Nike Basel

Located on top of the Nike Shop in Steinenvorstadt, you can ‘just do it’ in a prime location while being surrounded by a cool community. Be it a creative or concentrated session, you will feel at home at Coworking Nike Basel.

A big break room, as well as a terrace and even a workout space are at your service whenever you need to reset your thoughts. “Lunch & learn” and a running group are additional offers to spark your inspiration.

Come to Coworking Nike Basel for flexible desks, meeting rooms, a day office or the cosy community room.

Coworking Space - ©

5. Flexoffice Basel

Fancy a work session at Barfi (Barfüsserplatz), the beating heart of the city? Welcome to Flexoffice Basel then! Take a seat on the theatre stairs or on the colorful and comfy design-chairs that are spread out all across the workspace and mingle with like-minded innovators and tech champions.

Or do want to make a great impression on your clients? The reception and the XOXO café-bar in this super-central location are setting you up for a great start for sure!

You will find meeting rooms, private offices and shared spaces such as the lounge, theatre-stairs and the publicly accessible café at Flexoffice Basel.


6. Hyve

Not just a place for work, but equally suitable for eating and even sleeping: meet Hyve, only 300m away from Basel SBB train station. It welcomes active travelers and coworkers alike. Hyve boasts many outstanding features, such as a fully writable creative room that quite literally does not set you any boundaries in spreading your ideas.

Also, you will get access to a fitness and billiard room. Need to recharge? Take a break and visit the inviting Margarethen Park, just one minute away on foot. It seems ‘workation’ was invented for this place!

At Hyve you will find meeting-, workshop- and coaching rooms.

Creative Room - ©
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7. Impact Hub Basel

Impact Hub Basel near Basel Dreispitz station is another one of the 5 Impact Hub outlets in Switzerland (check out the one in Bern here). This energizing space is stylish playfulness at its best: besides 64 desks you will find cosy hanging-chairs and inviting hammocks - where it is simply more fun to work on the next powerpoint presentation.

Equipped with phone booths, showers, bike-racks, barista coffee and even meals, this space leaves no wish unanswered. The best feature, however, is the purpose-driven and innovative community - ready to inspire change or exchange knowledge and skills with like-minded folks.

On the deskbird app you can book a desk here starting from as little as 1 hour! 

The broad room offer by Impact Hub Basel includes everything from flexible desks, private offices, meeting rooms, event rooms and even a kitchen. 

Hanging chairs at Impact Hub Basel

8. Kleinhafen

A friendly, uncomplicated and dynamic coworking space with a great atmosphere and people: that’s Kleinhafen, located in Basel-Matthäus. Take bus N° 30 and hop off at Erasmusplatz to make your way to this original and cosy space.

You are bound to bump into free spirits and creatives while you enjoy your free coffee, surrounded by lots of green plants and a beautiful storefront.

You can reserve flexible desks and meeting rooms in this location.

A green workspace at Kleinhafen - ©

9. Launchlabs Basel

Bright, super-creative and spacious spaces are awaiting you at Launchlabs Basel in Gundeldinger Feld, only 10 minutes from Basel Bahnhof SBB. The Launchlab team is dedicated to an agile, holistic and a purpose-driven way of work that puts the human at the centre of their doing.

The Gundeldinger Feld, a former industrial area, is bustling with life: bars, restaurants and even a climbing centre offer ample opportunities to enjoy a break from work. 

Launchlabs offers flexible and dedicated desks, meeting rooms, private offices and event spaces - free coffee included.

Event space - ©


Built in a former factory hall, the atelier-like atmosphere at RHIZOM will get your creative juices flowing! Have a seat on a nifty designer chair and spread yourself out on the generous desks. In need of a break? Treat yourself to free Lavazza espresso. 

Located on Steinentorstrasse, only 5 minutes walking from Basel SBB station, RHIZOM is easily accessible by bike, car or public transport. What are you waiting for? Book your stay at RHIZOM starting from half a day on the deskbird app

At RHIZOM flexible desks, meeting rooms and private offices are available.

Meeting room at RHIZOM

11. Spaces Grosspeter Tower

Are you dreaming of working in a contemporary high-rise building in a prestigious location on the border-triangle between France, Germany and Switzerland? The aesthetic Spaces Grosspeter Tower coworking space will make your wish come true.

Network in the surrounding bars and cafes to rub shoulders with industry professionals from the pharmaceutical and financial industry or enjoy a focussed work session, only interrupted by occasional glancing across the stunning view

Spaces Grosspeter Tower offers flexible desks, meeting rooms as well as private offices - all easily accessible by public transport or by car with dedicated parking space available.

Workplace with a view - ©
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12. The 5th Floor

Think of a perfect symbiosis of modern vibes, colorful furniture and pleasant rooftop terrace views and you end up… right at Muttenz train station on The 5th Floor. Lockable cubicles, phone booths and a bright coworking space are just some of the amenities you will fall in love with. It is the perfect place to foster collaboration or focus on individual work alike.

Coffee, tea and snacks are included in your stay, but you are free to prepare your own meals in their kitchen. Book your stay in the suburbs of Basel with the deskbird app - from only 2 hours.

The 5th floor offers you flexible desks, meeting rooms, private offices as well as event rooms.

flexible desk area at The 5th Floor

13. UM unternehmen mitte 

UM unternehmen mitte, Switzerland’s largest coffeehouse, is a veritable legend. This is where the initiative for an unconditional basic income was founded and where - self-acclaimed - the best coffee north of the alps is brewed.

While the busy (and free!) hall downstairs lets you take in the buzz of vibrant conversations and tasty meals, it is in coworking space areas upstairs, where you will get actual work done - 7 days per week. You don’t have to stay this long though, with the deskbird app you can book a stay starting from 1 hour. 

Come to UM unternehmen mitte if you are looking for a flexible desk, meeting room or event room. Kitchen included.

Outside seating and ground floor at UM unternehmen mitte

14. We Space Walzwerk - coming soon

It is rumored that soon We-Space Walzwerk will open its doors for interdisciplinary co-creation in the Walzwerk Areal in Arlesheim-Münchenstein, in the South of Basel. Delicious coffee in an authentic atmosphere and services from accounting to founding are planned to be offered. We will keep our eyes and ears open for you!

WeSpace Walzwerk rendering - ©

15. Westhive Basel Rosental

Are you looking for a great place to work near Badischer Bahnhof or Messe Basel? Westhive Basel Rosental is your best bet then. This huge space is accessible directly by the highway and offers workplaces for up to 140 coworkers.

What makes it all the more inviting are the small garden, cosy lounge and various kitchens around the premise.

Head for Westhive if you are looking for flexible desks, high-end meeting rooms, workshop spaces, private offices and event space.

New meeting / workshop room in westhive's attic "Crow's Nest" - ©

16. Wörking

Stop coworking and start cowörking! Wörking, a creative workspace with pop-art-flair located at St. Johanns Tor, makes a point of being different: the colorful interiors and exteriors are like nothing we have seen anywhere else.

Featuring an office, a workshop (“wörkstatt” of course) and atelier, there is a space for any kind of talent. We dare say that ‘Wörking’ is the perfect place to come together and create something new

Wörking features an atelier, wood- and metalworkshop - for hands-on creative work, flexible desks for office workers (“bürogummis” in wörking-slang) and meeting rooms. Also, there is a nice Sönnenstube for a break outside.

Wood and Metal workshop - ©

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