The future is hybrid.

Use the leading deskbird platform to create a hybrid workplace experience your whole business loves.

The all-in-one solution for your hybrid workplace.

Mobile app
Let your employees book flexible desks - and more - through a simple app they will love.

Stay in control of your office occupancy, bookings, employee satisfaction and more.

External spaces
Define budgets for external workspaces on demand - for example as home office alternative.

Desk bookings made simple.

Find available spaces
Let employees find available spaces when they want to come to the office. Let them check for busy days in the office for socializing opportunities.

Book desks in advance
Control your office occupancy by letting employees book desks for given days and times in advance.

Foster collaboration and culture

Make it easy for employees to connect and collaborate by allowing them to see which of their colleagues are in which office spaces at specific days and times.

Your hybrid workplace under control.

Easy office setup
Setup your hybrid office landscape including resources, capacities, etc. in a few clicks.

Understand your staff
Get transparency on how your employees use internal (and external) workspaces.

Get real insights
Obtain (real-time) insights on office occupancy, workplace satisfaction, cost, and more.

Access external workspaces on demand.

Need external spaces? Give your staff the option to use external desks or meeting rooms on demand – when and where they need them. Decide which workspaces are available for your employees and set monthly budgets to stay in control of your office cost. Get one monthly invoice.

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A hybrid workplace your entire business loves

< 80%
office cost reductions are possible when implementing a hybrid workplace strategy
of employees believe their employer is more attractive when offering a hybrid workplace
of people feel more productive when using professional third places as home office alternative

Why companies should use deskbird

Simplest setup

Get onboarded in minutes, not weeks. No hardware, floor plans or office modifications.

Full control

Easily monitor employee bookings, office occupancy and workplace satisfaction.

Employee experience

Offer your employees a state-of-the-art workplace experience based on the deskbird platform.

Cloud based

The entire solution is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere.

Data privacy

Your employee data is stored securely and complies with data protection regulations.

Integrations possible

We integrate with your existing IT tools and processes to make the experience seamless.

What companies say

“We are a distributed team, spread across Switzerland. Deskbird allows us to provide an excellent office experience for everyone in our company, at the fraction of the cost of a traditional office.”

Julian Liniger
Co-founder & CEO

“Deskbird is the perfect addition to our remote-first setup. We want to get together regularly as a team and can book the most inspiring workspaces on demand through deskbird. This allows us to cover our office needs very cost efficiently.”

Philipp Rutz
Co-founder & CEO

Test for free. Get onboarded in 30 minutes.

From startups to large companies. Contact us and a team member will get in touch with you to understand your hybrid workplace needs.

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Quick onboarding – no floor plans, hardware or office modifications required.
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Create a workplace experience your people love and stay in control over your hybrid office.
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Get insights on bookings from employees, office occupancy, workplace satisfaction and more.

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