Unlock the full potential of a hybrid workplace

deskbird is a plug-and-play software helping companies to let their hybrid office take off. Get started in minutes, not weeks.
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Smart workspace booking you will love

Nobody likes Excel spreadsheets or outdated tools. Let employees book desks and meeting rooms with necessary equipment on the go with an intuitive app.

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Transparency about your hybrid office

Employees get the flexibility they need while companies retain control of their hybrid office. Workplace managers can check utilization and identify trends to define their optimal office setup.

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Efficient office planning

Employees and teams can easily plan their office and home office days and have them approved by their superiors if required.

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Boost networking in the office

Connecting with peers is an important reason why people go to the office. Companies can foster culture and cross-departmental bonds by automatically connecting employees in the office.

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Back to the office without concerns

Workplace managers can set capacity limits for offices and areas. Employees fill out digital questionnaires on days they come to the office and confirm that they are free of symptoms.

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Access coworking spaces on demand

Companies can enable employees to book desks and meeting rooms in corporate-grade coworking spaces - without a membership and with consolidated invoice.

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Learn more about deskbird

Download our product overview to learn how your company can unlock the potential of a hybrid workplace.

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What companies say

“Deskbird allows us to provide an excellent office experience for everyone in our company and save office cost.”

Julian Liniger
Co-founder & CEO

“We can access inspiring meeting rooms on demand through deskbird, allowing us to cover our office needs very cost efficiently.”

Philipp Rutz
Co-founder & CEO

All you need to make hybrid work

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Workspace Booking

Make it easy for your employees to check for available desks and rooms in your office, see where their colleagues are and book.

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Employee Protection

Set office capacity limits and give employees the confidence to return to the office with a simple automated screening process.

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Network Booster

Break up silos and build cross-departmental bonds by connecting your employees regularly in person when they come to the office.

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Office Insights

Get insights on your office utilization and employee behaviors. Take well-funded decisions regarding your ideal office setup.

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Coworking On Demand

Provide seamless access to premium and corporate-grade coworking spaces whenever your employees and teams need it.

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We integrate into your existing user directories, communication channels and calendars to make the experience seamless.

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Setting up a hybrid workplace is easier than you think. Get started in minutes.
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